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Nov 15, 2018

Virgil Donati is one of the world’s most well known drummers and drum clinicians. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, where he also launched his career. He got his first drum set aged only two and literally hasn’t put the sticks down since. Since the mid-nineties he has been a household name. Residing in Los Angeles, Virgil is travelling the world as a international drumming superstar, as well as a composer and an educator.

He has performed and toured with the likes of Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai and Allan Holdsworth, while maintaining a busy schedule as a band leader and member of numerous recording and touring bands over the years, most notably Loose Change, Southern Sons, On The Virg, Soul Sirkus, Planet X and various incarnations of The Virgil Donati Band and The Virgil Donati Trio.

His natural talent, combined with a herculean work-ethic and never-ending curiosity, has propelled him to an unbelievable performance level.


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